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Troubleshooting access points

How to troubleshoot common errors with Sophos access points.


AP did not connect to cloud within the timeout.

The access point didn't connect to Sophos Central within the 15-minute registration window. You need ports 443 (HTTPS), 80 (HTTP), and 123 (NTP) open to all internet servers. Otherwise, the access points can't connect. Make sure the access point can connect to the internet and try again.


This radio is not supported in this location.

The access point can't broadcast the specified frequency due to one of the following reasons:

  • The access point's country selection prevents it from broadcasting the selected frequency.
  • You've assigned the access point to a site where the selected frequency isn't allowed, preventing it from being broadcast.
  • The access point is underpowered. AP6 access points have specific power requirements. When an AP6 doesn't get enough power, it turns off all radios, and you'll see a warning message in Sophos Central and the AP6 UI. See AP6 power requirements.


Can't assign an access point to a site.

The access point is assigned to another site. You can only assign access points to one site.

Some AP6 access points don't appear on the Assign access points page.

You can only add an AP6 access point to a site within its SKU's region, so only AP6 access points with SKUs from the same region as the site appear. See the following pages: