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Access points

View all wireless access points and their details.

Go to My Products > Wireless > Access Points and view your access points.

A wireless access point (WAP) is a networking hardware device that allows a Wi-Fi enabled device to connect to a wired network. To configure an access point from Sophos Central, you need to connect it to the internet and register it on Sophos Central using the serial number available on the package.

The Access Points page lists all access points that have been registered with Sophos Central, in alphabetical order by name. You can filter the list by choosing a site from the drop-down menu.

The list refreshes automatically. You can stop the list from refreshing by turning off Auto refresh.

Access points are listed with the following details:

  • Name: Access point name.
  • MAC: Access point's MAC address.
  • Serial number: Access point's serial number.
  • Internal IP: Access point's assigned internal IP address.
  • Model: Access point model.
  • Access point status: Access point's status such as online or offline.
  • Workload: Connected device load on an access point. The workload is calculated based on memory and CPU usage. Memory usage up to 60% or CPU usage up to 50% is shown as green. Memory usage of 60% to 80% or CPU usage 50% to 80% is shown as yellow. Memory or CPU usage above 80% is shown as red.
  • Band: Configured radio bands on an access point.
  • Mode: Channel operating mode such as autochannel (AO), dynamic channel (AC), or manual channel (M).
  • Channels: Displays configured and operating channels. It is displayed as configured channel (operating channel). The operating channel might differ if radar is detected on the configured Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) channel.
  • Firmware: Firmware version installed on an access point. A green check Access point is up to date. indicates an access point it up to date. A blue arrow Access point firmware upgrade available. indicates a firmware upgrade is available. A clock icon Access point upgrade scheduled. indicates the access point is scheduled for a firmware upgrade.
  • Uptime: Displays the uptime for an access point.
  • Mesh Role: Displays the role of access points in a mesh network. An access point can either have a root role or a node role. A hyphen in this column means the access point hasn't been assigned to a mesh network and doesn't have a mesh role.


You need the ports 443 (HTTPS), 80 (HTTP) and 123 (NTP) open to all internet servers. Otherwise the access points are not able to connect.

The country setting of an access point regulates the available channels to be compliant with the local law. For more information on access points, see Access point operating instructions.

Register an access point

If you're registering an access point already registered on Sophos Firewall, you must delete the access point from Sophos Firewall before registering it with Sophos Central.

You can register access points individually or in bulk.

You can register a single access point. To do this click My Products > Wireless > Access Points, click Register and enter the serial number. The access point is validated after you click Register again.

To register multiple access points you need a comma separated value (CSV) file containing serial numbers in the first column. Each row must have a unique serial number. To do this click My Products > Wireless > Access Points > Register, click Bulk Provisioning and upload your CSV file. The access points are validated.

You can then enter and save the hostname. The access points are displayed in the list once registration is complete.

Firmware upgrade

AP6 series firmware upgrade

You can upgrade the firmware of AP6 series access points by clicking Firmware upgrade, choosing the access points you want to upgrade, and clicking Choose schedule. You can select from the following scheduling options:

  • Now: Click Upgrade to immediately upgrade the firmware on the selected access points.
  • Custom: Choose a specific date and time for the upgrade to take place and click Save.
  • Recurring (Default): Choose a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule to automatically apply firmware upgrades to the selected access points. The default schedule is weekly on Tuesdays at 03:00 AM.

If an AP6 access point is scheduled for a firmware upgrade, you can cancel the scheduled upgrade by clicking Firmware upgrade, selecting the access point for which you want to cancel the upgrade, and clicking Cancel schedule.

APX series firmware upgrades

You can upgrade the firmware of APX series access points by clicking Firmware upgrade and then clicking Upgrade legacy AP?. This takes you to Basic settings where you can schedule a firmware upgrade. See Basic settings.

Export to CSV

You can export the details of all your access points in to a CSV file. To do this click Export to CSV. The CSV file automatically downloads.