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Last update: 2022-02-18

Customize hotspot

The below steps describe how to create a custom template for wifi hotspots.

You must have already created an SSID and enabled the hotspot on it.

You can create a custom hotspot to show your company logo and change background color.

  1. Click on an existing SSID (Wireless > SSID).
  2. Click the template drop down at the top of the page and select Custom. The customization preview page appears.


    The default template is used unless it is customized.

  3. Under company logo select the folder icon to upload a logo file from your local computer.


    Maximum file size is 1MB and the recommended dimensions of the image are 200x200 pixels.

  4. To change the background color, either select a color from the menu or enter the hex code in the field to the right of the menu.


    All changes are displayed in the preview on the right hand side.

  5. Save your settings.

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