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Last update: 2022-02-21

Create a mesh network

Create a mesh network to form a WPA2-Personal network with a random passphrase.

A mesh network passphrase is shared among all access points that are configured to broadcast the mesh SSID. The mesh ID is not visible to the administrator. A mesh network can implement a wireless bridge or a wireless repeater.

  1. Connect all access points you want to have in the mesh network to the required LAN network.
  2. Register them under Wireless > Access Points > Register.
  3. Ensure that the access points are connected to an SSID.
  4. Set the same channel on all access points to the 5 GHz band. You can set Autochannel but we recommend that you statically set a non-DFS channel to avoid connectivity issues or latency in forming a mesh network.


    Do not use Dynamic Background Channel Selection, as then the channel could change after a reboot.

    See Access Point Details.

  5. Create a new SSID (Wireless > SSIDs > Create).

    1. Enter a name for the SSID.
    2. Select a frequency band.


      We recommend you to use the 5 GHz band when the access points are close as the throughput is higher. For longer distances between the access points you should use the 2.4 GHz band.

    3. Click Next and assign the access points by selecting them in the list.

    4. Go to SSID > Basic Settings and select Enable mesh mode.

      See Settings.

    5. Save your settings.

    6. Navigate to the access points list and wait until the status of the access points is up to date.
    7. Disconnect the mesh access point from the LAN network and place it at the intended location.
    8. Reboot the access points (power off and on).

The mesh network is available after a few minutes. It is not visible to end users.

To disable the mesh network, delete the SSID.

For more help with mesh networks see Troubleshooting mesh networks.

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