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Answers to frequently asked questions about mesh networks.

All access point models

Can you use different access point models to create a wireless mesh network?

You can use any combination of access point models from the same series to create a wireless mesh network. You can't mix APX and AP6 access points in a mesh network.

Can wireless clients see the mesh SSID?

Only access points participating in the mesh network can see or connect to the backhaul SSID. You must set up a different SSID to allow wireless clients to use the wireless mesh network.

Why do my wireless clients not see any available SSIDs?

You must set up an SSID for wireless clients and assign it to the root access point.

Why can't I assign an SSID to the node access points?

The root access point synchronizes configuration with all node access points. To assign SSIDs to all nodes in the mesh network, you must assign them to the root access point. The root access point synchronizes the SSIDs with all nodes within the wireless mesh.

Can I use all radios to supply wireless client connectivity?

You can assign an SSID to all radios on the AP6 access point, including the radio used for the wireless mesh SSID.

Can I set up multiple mesh network SSIDs?

You can only create one APX and one AP6 mesh network in Sophos Central.

AP6 access points

Why don't I see all my AP6 access points as an available root access point in Sophos Central?

Only the access points with the highest amount of radios and throughput are visible.

Can I edit my AP6 mesh SSID?

To change the details, you must unassign a mesh network from all AP6 access points. Once that's complete, updating the mesh SSID details is possible. You must reconnect all access points to the LAN network and re-assign the mesh SSID.

Can you use MAC filtering and band steering with mesh?

You can't use MAC filtering and band steering on AP6 access points configured in a mesh network.

Does the AP6 mesh network support multiple hops?

AP6 wireless mesh networks support up to 3 hops from the root access point.

How many AP6 access points can participate in a mesh network?

Up to five AP6 access points can be part of a mesh network when using the wireless backhaul to connect all access points.

APX access points

Why can't I choose a specific APX access point as the root?

For APX access points, you don't need to specify the mesh role. Once you assign the mesh SSID to APX access points and restart them, they check for Ethernet connectivity during the startup sequence. If the access point has Ethernet connectivity, it becomes the root, and access points without Ethernet connections become nodes.

Can I edit my APX mesh SSID?

You can't edit an APX mesh network. You must delete it and create a new APX mesh network.