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Web Gateway

You install Sophos Web Gateway on workstations or mobile devices to provide advanced web security.

It can block malicious, risky, or inappropriate websites, and provide scanning for secure sites (SSL), keyword filtering, trusted networks, and comprehensive reporting.

Install Web Gateway on workstations

Go to Overview > Protect Devices.

Download the installer for your operating system and run it on workstations you want to protect.


You can install Web Gateway alongside the Endpoint Protection agent or on its own.

When you protect a workstation:

  • The installer checks if there is already an Endpoint Protection agent on the computer. If not, it asks you for a username.
  • If the user is new, they are added to the Users list.
  • If the computer is not already in the Computers list, it is added.
  • If you have a Web Gateway policy enabled for the user or computer, it starts protecting the computer.

Install Web Gateway on mobile devices

Go to Protect Devices.

Click the operating system you want. You'll see instructions for sending a configuration profile to a mobile device and applying a policy.

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