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Troubleshooting Sophos Protection for Linux

This page details how to troubleshoot common errors in Sophos Protection for Linux.

Installation errors

./ Permission denied

You must add the execute permission to Run the following command:

chmod +x
Please run this installer as root

You must run with root privileges. Use the sudo command or switch to the root user.

Found an existing installation of SAV in /opt/sophos-av/. This product cannot be run alongside Sophos Anti-Virus

You must run with the --uninstall-sav flag to remove Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux during the Sophos Protection Agent for Linux installation.

Cannot connect to Sophos Central - please check your network connections

Your Linux machine must be able to connect to the internet and traffic to all Sophos Central domains must be allowed before you can install Sophos Protection Agent for Linux. See Domains and ports to allow.