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Account Preferences

The Account Preferences page lets you switch off enterprise management and allow remote assistance.

To access this page, select your account name in the upper right of the user interface and select Account Preferences.

Enterprise management


You can only switch off enterprise management if you are a Super Admin.

There are restrictions on switching off enterprise management:

  • All sub-estates must have an administrator with the Super Admin role.
  • Your enterprise can't have master licensing enabled.
  • Your enterprise can't be in the process of converting to master licensing.

What happens to the enterprise administrators?

  • All enterprise administrators are logged out.
  • All Enterprise Super Admins that enabled enterprise management are given the Super Admin role for their Sophos Central Admin account.
  • All other enterprise administrators are deleted. You can add them later as administrators in the appropriate Sophos Central Admin account.

Switch off Enterprise management

To switch off Enterprise management:

  1. Select Disable enterprise management.
  2. Review the information in Confirm disable and select the acknowledgment option.
  3. Select Disable enterprise.

Sophos Support

Remote Assistance allows Sophos Support to access your Sophos Central session directly for 120 hours to help you. This option is turned off by default.

You can also turn on Remote Assistance as part of creating a support ticket. To do this, click Help in the top right of the user interface and select Create Support Ticket and turn on the option to allow Sophos Support to directly access your Sophos Central session.