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The Dashboard provides access to the most important information about your sub-estates at a quick glance.


Alerts indicates the number of High, Medium, and Info Alerts associated with your sub-estates. These are aggregated alerts across all of your managed sub-estates. Click on a number to view more information. For example, clicking on the “High Alerts” number will take you to the Alerts page with the “Show High Alerts Only” filter applied.

Click View All Alerts to see all the alerts associated with your sub-estates.

License Management

License Management shows license information that requires, or will soon require an action, such as the number of licenses that are expired or near expiration, over the limit license usage, and the number of trials.

When you click on a category, you are taken to a more detailed view of the licensing information in that category. For example, clicking on “Near Expiration” will take you to the Sub-Estates Licenses page with the “Near Expiration” filter applied. There, you can see the date when the license expires, name of the sub-estate, name, ID and type of the license, as well as usage limit and actual usage.