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Clone a template

You can clone an existing template, assign it to new sub-estates, and edit the settings and policies. You can then push the new template to your sub-estates.

The list of assigned sub-estates is not cloned.


Admins with the Enterprise Super Admin role can clone templates.

To clone a template:

  1. Select the template.
  2. Select Clone.
  3. Give the template a new name. You can also give it a description.
  4. Select Edit sub-estates.
  5. Select the sub-estates you want to apply this global template to and add them to the Assigned sub-estates list.

    Available managed sub-estates are sub-estates that are not assigned to any other template.

  6. Edit the Global Settings.

  7. Select Edit sub-estates.
  8. Edit the Base policies.
  9. Push the template to your sub-estates. See Push a template.

    Changes take effect after you have pushed the template.