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Last update: 2022-03-16

Delete sub-estates

Deleting a sub-estate removes the sub-estate from your enterprise and marks it for permanent deletion (after 90 days).


You can only delete sub-estates if you are a Super Admin.

When you delete a sub-estate all the associated admins are also deleted. This releases the email addresses associated with the administration accounts. You can then use these email addresses with other accounts.


You can't access the deleted sub-estate once it is marked for deletion.

There are restrictions on deleting sub-estates:

  • You can't delete the primary sub-estate that was used to enable Sophos Central Enterprise.

  • You can't delete sub-estates with full licenses.

  • Select the sub-estates you want to delete.

    You can delete sub-estates with trial and expired licenses.

  • Click More and then click Delete sub-estate.

  • Review the list of selected sub-estates.

  • Select Yes, permanently delete the sub-estate(s).

  • Click Delete.

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