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You can view your sub-estates' licenses using the Sub-Estate Licenses page.

It contains the list of Sophos Central licenses associated with your sub-estates. It shows the name of the sub-estate, the license, its start and end date, and the usage.

It also shows the total number of licenses as well as the number of licenses that are near expiration, expired, or over their usage limit, and the number of trial licenses.

You can click on the number of each license type to filter the list of licenses. For example, clicking on the "Expired" number shows the expired licenses.

To search for a sub-estate, enter the sub-estate's name or the beginning of the sub-estate's name. To display all the records again, clear the search field.

Export to CSV

You can export the license list to a comma separated value (CSV) file, which you can then view, for example in Microsoft Excel.


This option is only available in the All licenses view.