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Activate your account

If you're already a Sophos Central customer and have now added an MDR license, skip this section and go to Activate your license.

If you're new to Sophos products, you must create and activate your account.

If your organization (or a Sophos Partner) has already created an account for you, you'll get a welcome email from us. Skip to step 4 to start.

  1. Go to and click Free Trial.

    Sophos Central page on website.

  2. Enter your name and email address details and click Next.

    Sign up for a trial Sophos Central account.

  3. Enter your organization's details and click Submit.

    You receive a welcome email from Sophos.

  4. In the email, click Create password.

    Welcome email with Create password link.

  5. In Activate your account, do as follows:

    1. Create your password. For added security, set up multi-factor authentication.
    2. Select a Central Admin Portal location. Your data will be stored in this region.


      Your Sophos Partner might have selected this for you.

    3. Read and acknowledge the legal agreements.

    4. Click Activate Account.

    Activate account dialog. Choose password and data storage region.

The Sophos Central dashboard is displayed.

Now you need to activate your Sophos MDR license in Sophos Central.