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Install Sophos MDR on Linux

Install the Sophos MDR agent on Linux devices as follows.


You can't install Sophos MDR and Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux on the same device.

  1. Go to Server Protection > Protect Devices.
  2. Download the installer for Sophos MDR for Linux.
  3. Run the installer as root on your Linux devices. For example:

    chmod +x

For more details, see Download and run the Linux server installer

XDR Sensor

XDR Sensor doesn't protect against threats. You must have third-party protection installed.

If you want us to monitor devices that are using third-party protection, you must install XDR Sensor.

To install, do as follows:

  1. Run the installer as root on the devices and specify 'xdr' as the product you want to install.

        sudo ./ --products=xdr

For more information on the installer command-line options, see Installer command-line options for Linux.