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Set up the Sophos MDR service

Follow these instructions to set up the MDR service.

  1. Go to and sign in as a Super Admin.

    The first time you sign in after activating your account and/or license, you see a popup form you can use to set up MDR.

    Alternatively, go to MDR > Settings.

  2. In Authorized Contacts, set up contacts in your organization. They must be Sophos Central admins.

    • If you already have Sophos Central admins, skip to step 4.
    • If you need to create admins, click Create new Central administrator. This option is currently available in the Settings page, but not in the popup form.

    Create new Central Admin option.

  3. On the Add User page, do as follows:

    1. Enter a user's name and email address.
    2. In Role, select Super Admin, Admin, or Help Desk.
    3. Assign the user to a group. If you use an email address that contacts a ticketing system, multiple users can use this admin account. To limit what they do, select the Help Desk role because it has the lowest privileges.

    Add User page.

  4. Enter the details of your contacts. If there’s an incident, we’ll contact each in turn till there's a response.

    1. Click the Primary drop-down and select one of your Sophos Central admins.
    2. Select Secondary and Tertiary contacts, if you want to (Recommended) and enter their details.

    Authorized Contacts selector.

  5. In Threat response mode, choose how you want us to respond to incidents. The default is Collaborate.

    • Collaborate. We'll work with your contacts to resolve the incident. If we can't reach the contacts, we'll take action.
    • Authorize. We'll take any action needed to resolve the incident, and we'll notify you.

    Threat response mode options.

  6. If you're in the MDR Settings page, you have Account details options. You can do as follows:

    1. In Industry vertical, select your specialised market, if applicable. This helps us target our threat hunting.

      Industry verticals are groups of companies that focus on a specialised market spanning multiple industries. For example Fintech or digital health.

    2. In Network subnets enter details of network subnets used in your estate. This gives the MDR team a better understanding of your network topology.

    MDR Account details page.

  7. Click Save.

Next you install the Sophos MDR software on your devices. You must do this even if you're an existing customer. We don't add the software automatically.