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  • MDR and MDR Complete

    MDR Essentials and MDR Complete customers have direct, 24/7 call-in access to our Security Operations Center (SOC), regardless of whether they are experiencing an active threat. If you have questions about an MDR Case that has been escalated, you can always reach our 24/7 MDR Ops team by emailing or calling us at one of the regional telephone numbers below.

Country Number Cost
Austria +4373265575513 Toll
Belgium +3228944352 Toll
Dubai 800035704220 Toll-Free
France +33134348070 Toll
Germany +492314491125 Toll
Ireland +35312647191 Toll
Italy +390287317993 Toll
Netherlands +31747999009 Toll
United Kingdom +441235465857 Toll
Spain +34913758065 Toll
Switzerland +41445152285 Toll
Country Number Cost
Australia +61294099162 Toll
India 0008000402359 Toll-Free
New Zealand +6494245697 Toll
Singapore +6531573077 Toll
Country Number Cost
United States / Canada +1(888) 201-7672 Toll

If you are located outside one of the geographies above, please contact the MDR Security Operations Center (SOC) that is closest to you.

Services provided by Sophos Support and Sophos MDR

Services provided Sophos Support Sophos MDR Essentials Sophos MDR Complete
“How to” questions for Sophos products
Troubleshooting product issues
Sample file submissions
Product best practice advice
Endpoint installation failures
24/7 expert-led monitoring and response
Weekly and monthly reporting
Monthly intelligence briefing "Sophos MDR ThreatCast"
Sophos Account Health Check
Expert-led threat hunting
Threat containment: threats prevented from spreading
Direct call-in support during incidents
Full-scale incident response: threats fully eliminated
Root Cause Analysis to prevent future recurrence
Dedicated incident response lead

Still Have Questions?

We are always happy to answer any lingering questions you may have. Reach out to the Sophos MDR Customer Success Team, We look forward to working alongside you and defending your business.