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SYSLOG network port

If you've added a third-party log collector integration to the VM, it acts as a syslog server to take in data from your network environment and forward it to the Sophos Data Lake.

You don't see this menu item if you haven't added any third-party log collector integration to the VM.

To find out more about Syslog and how to set it up on Sophos switches, using the local Switch web user interface, refer to the Sophos Switch documentation. See Log.

You can assign a static IP address for the VA.

To do this, do as follows:

  1. Select SYSLOG Port.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select On and press Spacebar.
  3. In IP/CIDR enter the IP address and CIDR subnet mask of the server.
  4. Select Save.

    If you don't want to save your changes, select Back to Home.

The IP address must have the subnet mask in CIDR format. For more information, see CIDR notation.

Here's an example.

SYSLOG assign IP address

If the configuration is successful, the Home screen appears.

If the configuration isn't successful, you see an error message. Resolve the issue and try again.

Here's an example of an error message.

SYSLOG network interface error