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Sophos Appliance Manager

Sophos Appliance Manager lets you access and troubleshoot Sophos virtual appliances.

Sophos virtual appliances run on a VM and host integrations that send data to the Sophos Data Lake for analysis. These integrations include:

  • Sophos NDR, a network traffic analyser (NTA).
  • Third-party services and products that you've integrated with Sophos Central.

You create the appliances when you set up Sophos NDR or integrations. For setup help, look for the relevant product in Integrations.

Later you can use Appliance Manager to open appliances, monitor them, and change their settings (for example, management interface or syslog settings).

Using Appliance Manager

Appliance Manager runs on your host VM. You launch it from Sophos Central Admin.

To start using Appliance Manager, see Getting started.