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Using the console

You can use the Sophos VA console to configure your VA and see how it's running.

Sign in to your Sophos virtual appliance (VA) through the VMware web console.

To use the console, move your cursor with the arrow keys. Press Spacebar to select an item.

To exit a screen without making changes, go to Home or Back to Home and press Enter. You can also click a different menu item to go to that page without saving your changes.

The console has the following areas:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Menu
  • View

The Header contains the following information:

  • Product Name: This is hardcoded and different to the name you gave the VM in Sophos Central.

  • Version: The version of the virtual appliance. This is a combination of all of the application container versions. For example 1.0-417.

  • Uptime: The amount of time that the VM has been running. The units are days, hours, minutes, and seconds. For example 000:00:02:54 would represent 2 minutes and 54 seconds.

  • Network Capture Statistics Port 1: The ratio of unicast to multicast packets on the first network capture port. For example ens160: unicast:2514503 multicast:269

    Network capture statistics are useful for troubleshooting your network SPAN setup. See Troubleshooting.

  • Network Capture Statistics Port 2: The ratio of unicast to multicast packets for the second capture port. For example ens192: unicast: N/A multicast: N/A.

    N/A shows that a capture port isn't configured.

  • S3 Upload Status: This shows if data is being uploaded to an S3 bucket to go into the Sophos Data Lake. It shows information for the log collector and network traffic analyser (NTA) components of the VA.


The footer contains the following information:

  • Copyright information.
  • Console UI version.
  • K3S Helm Chart version. This software produces visualizations of the application containers running in the VA.

The menu lists the configuration options.

If you add one or more log collector integrations to the VM, you see the SYSLOG and Restart Log Collector menu items.

Here's an example of the menu for a VM with the Sophos VA and a log collector.



The Home screen shows the following information in the View section:

  • System ID: For example 4cfc4d56-b36b-9500-74ce-b1bdd7cf75e6.
  • MGMT IP: The IP address Sophos Central uses to manage the VA.
  • ens160 Status: The status of port 1. This is Configured or Not Configured.
  • ens192 Status: The status of Port 2.
  • Syslog Ingestion IP: The address of the syslog network management interface. You only see this if a third-party log collector integration is added to the VM.

The View pane changes according to the menu item you've selected.

Here's an example showing the Home screen with a diagram representing the status of the individual application containers and the direction of the data flow between them. In this example a third-party log collector integration has been added to the VM.