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Management interface

You can only change these settings if there's no network connectivity for your VM. Otherwise, make the changes in Sophos Central.

On the dashboard, click Actions and select Settings > Management to change the network settings for the management interface.

Management settings.

You can change the network setting from DHCP to static, and enter the details of a web proxy server.

We'll ask you to confirm any changes that will cause a restart.

IPv4 configuration

By default, the appliance uses DHCP.

To specify a static IP address, do as follows:

  1. In IPv4 configuration, click Edit.

    IPv4 configuration.

  2. In IP Assignment, select Static. Then do as follows:

    1. In IPv4/Netmask, enter the address for the management interface, followed by the subnet mask in CIDR format. For example See CIDR notation.
    2. In Gateway IP, enter the address of the gateway or router for the subnet.
    3. In DNS, enter the address of the primary DNS server. For example, enter to use the Google Public DNS.
    4. In DNS 2, enter the address of the optional secondary DNS server.

    DHCP configuration.

  3. Click Save.

The appliance will be available on the new IP address when the change takes effect.

If you need to set up a web proxy server, see Web proxy.

Web proxy

If you use a web proxy to access the internet, add the server's credentials.

To do this, do as follows:

  1. Select Enable Web Proxy.

    Enable web proxy.

  2. In Web Proxy Type, select Anonymous or Authenticated.

    An anonymous server hides the user's IP address.

  3. Enter the following settings:

    1. In Proxy URL, add the internal IP address or URL of the proxy server.
    2. In Port Number, add the port number.
    3. If your web proxy server uses authentication, enter the Username and Password.

    Web proxy configuration.

  4. Click Save.

The Sophos appliance restarts with the new configuration.