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Map Sophos Central Partner customers to Autotask contracts

Follow these instructions to map customers.

You need to specify which Autotask contracts correspond to which Sophos Central Partner customers.

  1. In Sophos Central Partner, on the PSA integration page, next to the Autotask logo, click Manage Settings. The PSA Integration page now displays the details of your Autotask settings and the list of customers. The Sophos Central Customer column lists the name of each customer in Sophos Central Partner. The Autotask Customer Name and Contract columns are blank, to allow you to map each Sophos Central Partner customer name to the corresponding Autotask customer name and contract.
  2. For each customer that you want to sync with Autotask, enter the corresponding Autotask customer name and contract in the Autotask Customer Name and Contract columns, respectively. Sophos Central Partner automatically displays the Autotask customer names as you type and the list of contracts is filtered depending on the customer name. In the Sync Usage column, turn on synchronization.


    All unique contracts that are not canceled are synchronized. This includes expired contracts.

  3. Click Save. The mappings are saved in Sophos Central Partner and a message is displayed briefly to confirm this.


If in future you change your Autotask API User credentials in Autotask, click View Details in the upper left of the page to update them in Sophos Central Partner to match.