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Set up Sophos Central Partner

Follow these instructions to set up Sophos Central Partner.

To set up Sophos Central Partner, do as follows:

  1. In Sophos Central Partner, go to Settings & Policies and click PSA integration.
  2. On the PSA integration page, next to the Autotask logo, click Get Started.
  3. In the Autotask Details dialog box, enter your Autotask API User account credentials, which you noted earlier. Click Save.

    If the data you entered is invalid, an error is displayed. Enter the correct data, ensuring that you use the correct case (upper or lower case), and click Save again.

    If an error about a missing Software as a Service allocation code is displayed, ensure that you have created a Software as a Service billing code. See Check for a “Software as a Service” code.

    When Sophos Central Partner has set up an account in Sophos Central Partner for accessing Autotask, Sophos Central Partner:

    • Copies all Sophos Central Partner license names to Autotask where they appear as services.
    • Copies all contracts from Autotask to Sophos Central Partner.

    The button next to the Autotask logo changes to Manage Settings.

If you have problems connecting with Autotask, see Autotask troubleshooting.