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Last update: 2022-03-16

Create an API User account

An API User account is used by Sophos Central to communicate with Autotask.

To create an API User account, do as follows:

  1. In the top left-hand corner of the Autotask web page, hover over the Autotask icon.

  2. Go to ADMIN > Resources (Users). Alternatively, go to ADMIN > Features & Settings > RESOURCES/USERS (HR) > Resources/Users.

  3. Under RESOURCES, click New to create a new resource.

  4. In the RESOURCE MANAGEMENT window, on the General tab, enter details in the required fields.

  5. On the Security tab:

    1. Enter a username and password that Sophos Central will use to access Autotask.


      Make a note of these because you will need these later.

    2. In the Security Level box, select API User (system).

    3. In the API TRACKING IDENTIFIER section, select Integration Vendor. In the box below, select Sophos Central - Security.

  6. On the HR, Approvers, and Associations tabs, enter details in the required fields.

  7. Click Save & Close. The account is added to the list of resources.

If you need to edit the account after you’ve closed the RESOURCE MANAGEMENT window, right-click the account and use the shortcut menu.

Go to Turn on the “Sophos Central - Security” integration vendor.

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