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Set the usage sync frequency

You can set the usage sync frequency for your products to With Sophos monthly invoice, Once a month, or Once a day.

To set the usage synchronization frequency, do as follows:

  1. Go to Settings & Policies > PSA Integration > Autotask Details.
  2. Click Configure.

    Configure button.

  3. On the Configure usage synchronization page, click Sync settings.

  4. On the Autotask usage sync settings page, choose a usage sync frequency.

    • With Sophos monthly invoice: Usage synchronization of your product licenses from your monthly invoice happens towards the end of each month. This is the default option.
    • Once a month: Usage synchronization happens once a month. You can also select a specific day of the month.

      Monthly usage sync option.

    • Once a day: Usage synchronization happens each night.

  5. Click Save.