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What happens in the initial synchronization

When the initial synchronization happens, you'll see changes in ConnectWise PSA and in Sophos Central.

When usage synchronization is turned on, it does as follows in ConnectWise:

  • Creates a Product Catalog in ConnectWise for each Sophos Central product.
  • Synchronizes ConnectWise Company and Agreement information with Sophos.
  • Creates an Agreement Addition and attaches each Product Catalog to that agreement.

The actions mentioned above only happen for the products you select to create in PSA. If no products are selected for mapping and sync, Sophos doesn't auto-create products in PSA.

We support the following products:

Identifier Description
Sophos_Endpoint_Protection Sophos Central Endpoint Protection
Sophos_Intercept_X Sophos Central Intercept X
Sophos_Intercept_X_Advanced Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced
Sophos_Intercept_X_Advanced_XDR Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced with XDR
Sophos_MTR_Standard Intercept X Advanced with XDR and MTR Standard
Sophos_MTR_Advanced Intercept X Advanced with XDR and MTR Advanced
Sophos_Mobile_Standard Sophos Central Mobile Control Standard
Sophos_Mobile_Advanced Sophos Central Mobile Control Advanced
Sophos_Email_Portal_Encryption Sophos Central Portal Encryption Add-on for Email Advanced
Sophos_Mobile_Security Sophos Central Mobile Security
Sophos_Srv_Protection Sophos Central Server Protection
Sophos_Intercept_X_Adv_Srv Sophos Central Server Intercept X Advanced for Server
Sophos_Intercept_X_Adv_Srv_XDR Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced for Server with XDR
Sophos_MTR_Standard_Srv Intercept X Advanced for Server with XDR and MTR Standard
Sophos_MTR_Advanced_Srv Intercept X Advanced for Server with XDR and MTR Advanced
Sophos_Device_Encryption Sophos Central Device Encryption
Sophos_Central_Phish_Threat Sophos Central Phish Threat
Sophos_Wireless_Perf_Standard Sophos Wireless Performance Standard
Sophos_Wireless_Entry_Standard Sophos Wireless Entry Standard
Sophos_Wireless_Standard Sophos Wireless Standard
Sophos_XDR_30 Sophos Central XDR
Sophos_Email_Advanced Sophos Email Advanced
Sophos_Cloud_Optix Sophos Cloud Optix
Sophos_Intercept_X_Ess Sophos Central Intercept X Essentials
Sophos_Intercept_X_Ess_Srv Sophos Central Intercept X Essentials for Server
Sophos_Central_Firewall_Adv Sophos Central Firewall Advanced
extsup_win7 Extended Support for Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 and SBS 2011
Central_Zero_Trust_Network_Acc Sophos Zero Trust Network Access
Network_Detection_And_Response Central Network Detection and Response
Central_Public_Cloud_Addon Central Public Cloud Integration Pack
Central_Email_Addon Central Email Integration Pack
Central_Identity_Addon Central Identity Integration Pack
Central_Network_Addon Central Network Integration Pack
Central_Firewall_Addon Central Firewall Integration Pack
Sophos_XDR_365 Central Data Storage – 1 yr Pack

Here is an example of the product catalog in ConnectWise after the initial synchronization.

ConnectWise Agreement Addition.

You should enter billing information in ConnectWise for your customers, so that they can be billed for their product usage. See ConnectWise documentation.


Changing the Customer Description field in the catalog doesn't stop the usage sync.

If there are problems with the Customer Name mapping to the agreement see ConnectWise troubleshooting.

What you see in Sophos Central Partner

For customers that are synchronized, the page now displays synchronization status, their ConnectWise customer ID and agreement type.

We also show any synchronization errors. The error details also show solution advice.

If companies are ignored in the synchronization see ConnectWise troubleshooting.