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Map and synchronize your customers

If you want to use Usage Synchronization, you must specify which ConnectWise customers and agreements match which Sophos Central Partner customers.

To map and synchronize your customers, do as follows:

  1. On the PSA Integration page, find the customer you want to map.
  2. In ConnectWise Customer Name, enter the Company ID used by ConnectWise.

    1. To find the Company ID, open ConnectWise, find the company, and look in Company Details.
  3. Select the customer’s Agreement, if you want to use Usage Synchronization.


    You can only map one Sophos Central Partner customer to a ConnectWise Customer, and an agreement.

  4. Under Sync to PSA, turn on synchronization.

    PSA synchronization.


    All active agreements are synchronized. Agreements don't have to be unique.

  5. Repeat for each customer you want to map.

  6. Click Save. The mappings are saved in Sophos Central Partner.

If you have problems connecting with ConnectWise, see ConnectWise troubleshooting.

Synchronization of product usage data doesn't happen immediately. By default, synchronization happens once every 24 hours. If you want to do a synchronization now, continue to the next section.