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Initial setup in Sophos Central Partner

Follow these steps to set up Sophos Central Partner.

To set up integration with ConnectWise, do as follows:

  1. In Sophos Central Partner, go to Settings and click PSA Integration.

    PSA integration in Sophos Central Partner.

  2. On the PSA Integration page, next to the ConnectWise logo, click Get Started.

    Start page for PSA Integration.

  3. Enter the ConnectWise and integration details: ConnectWise Site (URL), ConnectWise Company ID, and API Keys. Click Save.


    If the data you entered is invalid, an error message is displayed. Enter the correct data and click Save again.

    PSA Integration details.

  4. The PSA Integration page now displays the details of your ConnectWise settings and the list of customers.

    Sophos Central retrieves all active agreements that you have set up in ConnectWise. Each of those existing agreements links a company to an agreement type.


    If you need to view or change your ConnectWise settings in future, click Edit Details under Details in the upper left of the page.

    Successful integration.

Now continue to the next section to map your Sophos Central Partner customers with those in ConnectWise.

If you have problems connecting with ConnectWise see ConnectWise troubleshooting.