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Set up integration

Before you can map and synchronize customer data, you need to configure ConnectWise and do initial setup tasks.

First you need to configure ConnectWise and then you can integrate Connectwise and Sophos Central Partner.

Configure ConnectWise

Start this process by opening ConnectWise Manage and setting up the required items. To do this do, as follows:

  1. Open the Product Catalog, click Procurement and then Product Catalog.

    Product Catalog option under Procurement in ConnectWise Manage

  2. You need to search for the miscellaneous records. In the Product ID enter misc and change the Status to All.

    These records are set to Inactive by default.

    Product ID in ConnectWise

  3. Click on each of the records to open them.

  4. Click on ACTIVATE in each record to turn them on.

    Activate option

Integrate ConnectWise and Sophos Central Partner

To integrate you need to do the following:

  • Make sure that the integrator login account is present in ConnectWise.

  • Generate API keys for integration: a Public Key and a Private Key.

  • In Sophos Central Partner, enter your ConnectWise details, including the API keys.

These steps are described in detail in the following:

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