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The Sophos Central Licenses page contains the list of Sophos Central licenses that your customers have.

Go to Licenses.

You can see the the total number of licenses. You can also see the licenses that are near expiration, expired or have exceeded their usage limit.

To search for a customer, enter the customer’s name. To display all the records again, clear the search field.

Clicking a customer’s name opens the customer’s contact info pop-up.

Click a license to see its information.


Flex licenses are currently unsupported. Support subscription license information for your customer's switches is shown, but term licensing isn't applied.

Renew a license

If you are viewing expired or expiring licenses, the Renew Now button is displayed at the top of the page.

Select a license and click Renew Now to create an order for the customer in the Sophos Partner Portal.

Once you have purchased a Sophos Central license, a license key is issued and sent to the email address you specified. See Apply License Key.

If the license key has been sent to you, enter the license key.

If the license key has been sent to your customer, they will have to enter it in their Sophos Central Admin console.

The term of the license will begin once the license key is entered.

Export to CSV

In the “All Licenses” view, you can export the license list to a comma-separated values (CSV) file. To do this, click Export to CSV.