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You can add and manage Sophos Central Partner and Sophos Central Firewall administrators.

You must be a Partner Super Admin or a Partner Portal Admin to add new administrators.

You can see the details for your administrators including their role and access level.

You can also see the details of the primary administrator. A primary administrator grants permissions to manage firewalls in Sophos Central Admin. By default, only primary administrators have the right to manage firewalls in Sophos Central Admin. See Change access to firewalls in Sophos Central.

The Primary Partner Admin always has the Partner Super Admin role.

  • To add a new administrator, click Create Admin. See Add administrators.

    When you add a new administrator, you must add a role. If you add an administrator and don't assign a role they have read-only access and aren't assigned to a customer. See Roles.

    You can add custom roles and assign them to administrators to manage security administration by responsibility level and product. See Add a custom role.

  • You can also edit an admin's details. See Edit administrators.

  • You can also remove administrators. See Remove administrators.