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Configure email alerts

You can manage how you and your customers receive email alerts.


This feature supports partners with up to 2500 customers and 500 partner administrators.

You can only do this for Sophos Central Admin accounts you manage. You can't manage email alerts for accounts that your customers manage themselves.

Select Partner control if you want to manage email alerts.

You can turn Partner control off again if you want your customers to manage their own email alerts. Click Partner control to do this. This also restores any settings previously specified by customers.

You can:

  • Manage which administrators get email alerts.
  • Add distribution lists or email address that you want to receive email alerts.
  • Manage the frequency of email alerts.
  • Set custom rules to specify which alerts an administrator gets.
  • Edit the exceptions that have been set up for individual alert types in your customers accounts.


You must be a Partner Super Admin to manage email alerts.


The Administrators list shows who receives email alerts by default.

The list shows the name, email address and admin role for each administrator.

You can choose which administrators you want to receive alerts. Select Yes or No in the administrator's details to do this.

Distribution lists

You can manage the distribution lists or email addresses that you want to receive email alerts.

Use this option to add the email addresses of your distribution lists, ticketing system or people you want to notify about alerts, but do not have access to Sophos Central Partner.

If you want to provide access to Sophos Central Partner, add the person as an administrator.

  • Select Add email address. Enter the email address and give a description and select Save.
  • To remove an email address, select the address and select Delete.


You can manage the frequency with which admins receive email alerts.

You can set the frequency depending on one of the following:

  • The severity of the alert.
  • The product.
  • The category the alert is in.

You can only use one of these attributes to set frequency.

You can choose between Immediately, Hourly, Daily or Never. Your choices are used for alerts from all your customers.


The Hourly and Daily options aren't a digest of all alerts generated in the specified time. Admins will get an email for each alert.

Custom rules

By default, admins get all email alerts for all your customers.

Custom rules make it easy to specify that some admins will only get alerts for certain customers, products, or events.

To see details of a rule, click the fold-out arrow next to it in the list.

To pause a rule, edit it or delete it, select the appropriate icon beside it in the list. Hover over icons to see what they do.


The Exceptions list shows the exceptions you have set. These change the frequency of email alerts for certain alert types.

You set them in individual alert details on the Alerts page in Sophos Central Admin. You can also edit them here.