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Allowed applications

You can see applications that you've allowed to run on your computers.

Any applications that you allow in Sophos Central Partner are merged into the list of allowed applications in Sophos Central Admin when you push a template to your customers.

About allowed applications


Think carefully before you allow an application because doing so may reduce your protection.

Our software detects threats that are previously unknown. However, it may sometimes identify an application as a threat, even though you know that it’s safe. When this happens, you can “allow” the application. This does as follows:

  • Prevents the application's detection from happening again.
  • Restores all copies that have been cleaned up or removed from computers.

Alternatively, you can allow an application in advance, so that it won't be detected when you install it for your customers.

Allow an application in advance

You can allow an application in advance, so that it won't be detected when you install it for your customers.

Only allow an application if you know it's safe but think it might be detected as a threat. Think carefully as doing this reduces your protection. For help deciding, see How to investigate and resolve a potential False Positive or Incorrect Detection.


  • You can allow the application by using its path or location.
  • This allows the application to start, but we’ll still check the application for threats, exploits, and malicious behavior when it's running.

To allow an application, do as follows:

  1. On the Global Settings page, click Allowed Applications.
  2. Select Path.

    This allows the application as long as it's installed in the path or location shown. You can edit the path now or later and you can use variables if the application is installed in different locations on different computers.

  3. Enter a path. You can use variables if the application is in a different location on different computers.

Edit the details for an allowed application

You can change the details that you specified when you allowed an application.

  1. On the Allowed Applications page, find the application.
  2. Click the edit icon Edit icon..
  3. Enter the information.

When you edit a path, details of the original detection such as user, computer, and path are removed from the list.

Start detecting an application again

If you want Sophos to start detecting and removing an application again, remove it from the Allowed Applications list.

Select the application and click Remove.