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Website Management

You can extend the website filtering provided by Sophos Central. See Sophos Threat Center.

In Website Management, you can use a website list to tag websites. This puts them in groups, which are like custom categories. You can then use them in Web Control policies in Sophos Central Admin to control these websites for certain users.

If you think Sophos has put a website in the wrong category, you can ask us to change it.

  1. Click Add in the upper right of the page.

    The Add Website Customization dialog is displayed.

  2. Enter sites.

    Entries in the website list can be single URLs, full domains, top-level domains (TLDs), IP addresses, or CIDR ranges.


    Managing websites using IP addresses only controls browser-based access. It does not block other applications or interact with rules for a local firewall.

  3. Select a Category Override if you want to use a different category to the one that Sophos has applied to the sites you have entered. This changes the category for all your users.

    For example, you have a Web Control policy that allows the Shopping category but blocks the News category. If you add to the website list and select News as the category override, is blocked for all your users. However, other shopping websites are still allowed.

  4. Under Add Tags, type one or more tag names to associate tags with the sites you have entered.

    Tags can be used when creating web control policies in Sophos Central Admin.

  5. Enter text in the Comments text box.

    It can be helpful to include information about tags you have created and categories you have overridden for troubleshooting policy issues in the future.

  6. Click Save.

    Your entry will be added to the website list.