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Edit a template

You can edit an existing template, assign it to new customers, or edit the settings and policies. You can then push the new template to your customers.

If you want to switch customers from one template to another you need to remove them from a template before adding them to another template.

  1. Select the template.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Select Edit customers, if required. You can:

    • Select customers you want to apply this global template to and add them to the Assigned customers list. Click Ok to confirm the additions.

      Assigning a customer to a template locks the base policy in Sophos Central Admin.

    • Remove customers from a template by selecting them in the Assigned customers list and adding them to the Available managed customers list. Click Unassign to confirm their removal.

      Removing a customer leaves them with the last settings pushed to them. Customers can reset the base policies and settings in Sophos Central Admin.

  4. Edit the Global Settings.

  5. Edit the Base policies.
  6. Push the template to your customers. See Push a template.

    Changes take effect after you have pushed the template.