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Global Templates

You must be a Primary Partner Admin or a Partner Super Admin to manage global templates.


You can use a template for up to 500 customers. You can only have a combined total of 5,000 devices for these customers.

You can create templates that consist of settings and base policies. You can apply these templates to groups of your customers.

You can do as follows:

  • Apply the same settings to all customers in a group.
  • Stop customers from changing your settings.
  • Update templates and push changes to customers.

The Global Templates page shows your templates, the number of customers they apply to, when the template was last pushed and their push status. See Template.

You can filter the templates by searching for customers.

Click a template name to see the customers, global settings and base policies associated with it.

To push a template to customers, select the template and click Push. Pushing a template can take a few minutes.


Pushing a global template overwrites existing base policies. If you remove the global template, the base policies revert to their recommended or default settings.