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Manage multi-factor authentication

You can manage your multi-factor authentication sign-in settings.

To manage your multi-factor authentication sign-in settings, select Settings & Policies > Login settings.

On the Manage Login Settings page, you can:

  • Change your default challenge type.
  • Change the PIN used in conjunction with the email authentication method.

Challenge Settings

Choose whether you want to use Google Authenticator or SMS texts.

  • Enter a mobile number to receive security codes using text messages.

    If you want to use text messages, don't enter the leading 0 for the mobile number.

  • Use the Google Authenticator app on your mobile to generate security codes.


If you want to change your MFA method, you'll be asked to enter a security code before proceeding. Depending on your authentication type, you may receive a security code from us by text message, or you must generate one using the authenticator app on your mobile device.

PIN Settings

You can change the PIN used in conjunction with the secondary email validation method. You need this PIN when you verify your sign-in with your email. Enter a new 6-digit PIN and select Submit.