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Sophos Secure Message encryption

Sophos Secure Message encryption protects your sensitive content.

There are two methods Sophos customers can use to send you secure, encrypted emails.

With both methods, when someone sends you an encrypted email, you're sent a notification email first. To find out which one was used, check the wording in your notification email.

  1. If you see “an encrypted email”, the sender used PDF encryption.
  2. If you see “an encrypted message via Sophos Secure Message”, the sender used Portal encryption.

What is PDF encryption?

With PDF encryption, an encrypted email is delivered directly to your inbox, just like any standard email. Before it is delivered you must set a password. The email is then delivered to you as a PDF file in an email.

You read and reply to encrypted emails from your usual email software.

The password you set is used for all encrypted emails sent to you, until you change it.

See PDF encryption.

What is Portal encryption?

With portal encryption you log on to Sophos Secure Message to read and manage your encrypted emails. This is a secure web-based email client.

See Portal encryption.

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