Note You may not have all the features described here. This depends on your license.

The Events page shows events on the Mac, for example threats detected.

You can filter events, for example to show only events that require you to take action, or search for specific types of events.

The Events list

The Events list shows:

  • The severity. An icon shows whether the event is high-priority, medium-priority, or a notification.
  • The source. An icon list indicates the Sophos feature that reported the event.
  • The date and time when the event occurred.
  • A description of the event.
  • A link that lets you take action (if any action is needed). You only see this if you have signed in as an administrator.

To view details of an event, click its entry in the list.

The actions you can take are the same as those available in the Sophos Central Admin console. See the list on the Alerts page in Sophos Central help.

Malware and PUAs

Malware is a general term for malicious software. It includes viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware.

Potentially unwanted applications (PUA) are programs that aren't malicious, such as dialers, remote administration tools and hacking tools, but are generally considered unsuitable for most business networks.

Web Threats

Web threats include malicious websites and risky downloads.

Some websites are also generally considered unsuitable for business networks, for example adult websites or social media. You can block these.

Controlled Items

This category includes:

  • Applications that are not a security threat, but that you decide are unsuitable for use in the office.
  • Peripherals and removable media.
  • Risky downloads or websites that are inappropriate for the office.
  • Files containing sensitive information (like personal or financial details) that you don't want to leak.

Malicious Traffic

Malicious traffic is traffic between computers that indicates a possible attempt to take control of the Mac (a "command and control" attack).


Ransomware is malicious software that denies you access to your files until you pay a ransom.