Note You may not have all the features described here. This depends on your license.

The Status page lets you:

  • See the security status of the Mac.
  • Scan the Mac for threats.
  • See the installed features and their security status.
Note The About link lets you update your virus definitions or troubleshoot the product.

Security Status

An icon in the upper part of the page shows the status.

Green. There are no alerts, or only low-priority alerts.

Red. There are high-priority alerts.

Yellow. There are medium-priority alerts.

Gray. The status is unknown.

Below this, all installed features are shown with their individual security status.

Scan the Mac

Click Scan Now to scan all files on the Mac for threats.

Note If a threat is detected, Scan Now is not available. You can click View Details instead for more information about the threat.

When the scan is complete, you see a summary of the scan results. If threats are detected, you can click View Details or Events for more details.