Appendix: Add Security VMs for guest VM migration

At any time you can add more Security VMs that will be available to protect migrating guest VMs.

Important You need to perform these steps on the Security VM that you want to add and on the existing Security VMs.
  1. Using SSH, open the additional_svms.txt configuration file for editing:
  2. Edit the file to add or remove IP addresses of Security VMs that are available to protect migrating guest VMs.
    • Put one IP address per line with no additional separating characters. For example:

    • You don't need to include the IP address for the Security VM you're currently logged in to.
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Check the SVM log (/var/log/ssvm.log) to see if there were any errors in processing the additional Security VMs list.
    If there are no errors, the updated list is sent to all connected guest VMs so that they can get protection from the new Security VMs.