Configure policies

You configure Sophos for Virtual Environments by using Sophos Enterprise Console policies.

When you put your Sophos Security VM in a Sophos Enterprise Console group, policies are applied that protect and update the guest VMs.

We recommend that you use the default settings, as they provide the best balance between protection and system performance. However, you can change the settings in these policies:

  • Anti-Virus and HIPS
  • Updating

The other Sophos Enterprise Console policies don't apply to the Security VM.

Note All guest VMs protected by a Security VM use the same policies as the Security VM. To apply a different policy to some guest VMs, move them to a different Security VM in a different Sophos Enterprise Console group. Then apply a different policy to that group. For instructions on how to move guest VMs, see the Sophos for Virtual Environments Startup guide -- Enterprise Console edition.

To view a list of all guest VMs managed by a Security VM, see View protected guest VMs.