Clean up a threat

This section describes both automatic and manual cleanup of threats.

For information about a threat and advice on cleanup, log in to Sophos Central, go to the Alerts page, look for the threat alert, and click on the threat name.

Automatic cleanup

The Security VM automatically cleans up threats it detects.

Note Automatic cleanup is not available on CDs, read-only file systems and media or on remote file systems.

Manual cleanup

You can clean up a guest VM manually.

To clean up manually, you restore the guest VM. Note that you may lose data (see details below).

Use one of these methods:

  • Delete the guest VM and reclone it from the template image. You will lose your data.
  • Revert the guest VM to the previous known clean snapshot. You will lose data added since the taking the snapshot.

Whichever method you use, run a full scan of the guest VM afterwards to ensure that it is clean.