Troubleshoot real-time scanning

If real-time scanning is not working:

  1. Ensure that real-time scanning is enabled in the server policy applied to the Security VM:
    1. In Sophos Central, go the Servers page, find the Security VM and click on it to display its details.
    2. In the Summary tab, under Summary, you can see the Threat Protection Policy applied to the server. Click the policy name.
    3. In the policy, find the Real-time scanning section. Ensure that Scan is enabled.
    4. Check that the Security VM is compliant with the policy.
  2. Ensure that the guest VM is protected. Go to the Security VM host and look in the log file. For details, see View protected guest VMs.
  3. Ensure that Windows Security Center shows the guest VM as protected by Sophos for Virtual Environments.
  4. Check that there are no pending restarts requested by Microsoft updates. These can prevent installation of the Sophos Guest VM Agent from being completed.
  5. Check that aren't any other anti-virus products installed. On server platforms where the security center is not present check that Windows Defender isn't active. Remember that you cannot use Sophos for Virtual Environments to protect guest VMs that run other anti-virus products.
  6. If on-access scanning is still not working, contact Sophos Technical Support.