About firewall reporting

By default, the firewall reports state changes, events, and errors to the management console.

Firewall state changes

The firewall regards the following as state changes:

  • Changes to the working mode
  • Changes to the software version
  • Changes to whether the firewall is configured to allow all traffic
  • Changes to whether the firewall complies with policy

When you are working in interactive mode, your firewall configuration may deliberately differ from the policy applied by the management console. In that case, you can choose not to send "differs from policy" alerts to the management console when you make changes to certain parts of your firewall configuration.

For more information, see Turn reporting of local changes on or off.

Firewall events

An event is when an unknown application on your computer, or your computer's operating system, tries to communicate with another computer over a network connection.

You can prevent the firewall from reporting events to the management console.

For more information, see Turn off reporting of unknown network traffic.