Quarantine Manager layout

Quarantine Manager lists all the items that have been detected by scanning and enables you to deal with them. The elements of the Quarantine Manager window are shown below.

Click the Show list to filter the type of items that are displayed.

The identity of the item, including a link to its analysis on the Sophos website.

The file name and location of the item.

If the item is associated with a rootkit, it is displayed as Hidden.

If a more link is displayed next to the filename, this means that the item is infected with a multi-component infection. Click the link to see the list of other components that are part of the infection. If some components are associated with a rootkit, the dialog box indicates that they are hidden.

The action that you can take to deal with the item.

Unless the item is hidden, there are three actions: Clean up, Delete, and Move.

If you click one of the actions, the action is performed on the item immediately, following confirmation. Hidden files can only be cleaned up.

The list of items that have been detected.

To sort the items, click one of the column headings.

Click Select all to perform the same action on all the items.

To deselect an item, clear its check box in the Type column.

If you have selected all the items and then want to clear the selection, click Deselect all.

To select an item, click its check box in the Type column.

Click Clear from List to remove selected items from the list without dealing with them.

This action does not delete the items from disk.

Click Perform action to display a list of actions that you can perform on the selected items.