About Quarantine manager

Quarantine manager enables you to deal with the items found by scanning that were not eliminated automatically during scanning. Each item is here for one of the following reasons.
  • No cleanup options (clean up, delete, move) were chosen for the type of scan that found the item.
  • A cleanup option was chosen for the type of scan that found the item but the option failed.
  • The item is multiply-infected and still contains additional threats.
  • The threat has only been partially detected, and a full computer scan is needed to fully detect it. To find out how to do this, refer to Run a full computer scan.
  • The item exhibits suspicious behavior.
  • The item is a controlled application.
Note Adware, PUAs, and multi-component infections detected during on-access scanning are always listed in Quarantine manager. Automatic cleanup of adware, PUAs, and multi-component infections is not available for on-access scanning.

A cleanup option may have failed because of insufficient access rights. If you have greater rights, you can use Quarantine manager to deal with the item(s).

Threats that are detected during web page scanning are not listed in Quarantine manager because the threats are not downloaded to your computer. Therefore, there is no need to take any action.