Authorize a website for use

Note If a management console is used to administer Sophos Endpoint Security and Control on this computer, it may override any changes you make here.

If you want to unblock a website that Sophos has classified as malicious, you can add it to the list of authorized sites. Authorizing a website will prevent URLs from that website being verified with Sophos online web filtering service.

Caution Authorizing a website that has been classified as malicious could expose you to threats, so make sure that it is safe to access the website before you authorize it.

To authorize a website for use:

  1. Click Home > Anti-virus and HIPS > Configure anti-virus and HIPS > Configure > Authorization.
  2. Click the Websites tab.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Type the domain name or IP address.
The website appears in the Authorized websites list.