Specify on-access scanning file extensions

Note If a management console is used to administer Sophos Endpoint Security and Control on this computer, it may override any changes you make here.

You can specify which file extensions are scanned during on-access scanning.

  1. On the Configure menu, click On-demand extensions and exclusions.
  2. Click the Extensions tab, set the options as described below.

    Scan all files Click this to enable scanning of all files, regardless of the filename extension.

    Allow me to control exactly what is scanned Click this to restrict scanning to only files with a particular filename extension, specified in the extension list.
    Caution The extension list includes file types that we recommend are scanned. Be careful if you alter the list as explained below.

    To add a filename extension to the list, click Add. You can use the wildcard ? to match any single character.

    To remove a filename extension from the list, select the extension and click Remove.

    To change a filename extension in the list, select the extension and click Edit.

    When you select Allow me to control exactly what is scanned, Scan files with no extension is selected by default. To disable scanning of files with no filename extension, deselect Scan files with no extension.