Exclude items from on-demand scanning

Note If a management console is used to administer Sophos Endpoint Security and Control on this computer, it may override any changes you make here.

The procedure described below applies to all on-demand scans. For information on excluding specific items from a custom scan, see Create a custom scan.

To edit the list of files, folders, and drives that are excluded from on-demand scanning:

  1. Click Home > Anti-virus and HIPS > Configure anti-virus and HIPS > Configure > On-demand extensions and exclusions.
  2. Click the Exclusions tab, and then choose one of the following options.
    • To specify a file, folder, or drive that should be excluded from on-demand scanning, click Add.
    • To delete an exclusion, click Remove.
    • To change an exclusion, click Edit.
  3. To add or edit an excluded item, in the Exclude item dialog box, select the Item type.
  4. Specify the Item name by using the Browse button or typing in the text box.
    Note If you work on a 64-bit platform, the Browse button will not be visible in the Exclude item dialog.

    For more information on specifying item names, see Exclude items from on-access scanning.