Schedule a custom scan

If you are a member of the SophosAdministrator group, you can schedule a custom scan, or view and edit scheduled scans created by other users.

  1. On the Home page, under Anti-virus and HIPS, click Scans.
    For information about the Home page, see About the Home page.
  2. In the Available scans list, select the scan you want to edit, and then click Edit.
  3. Click Schedule this scan.
  4. In the Schedule scan dialog box, select Enable schedule.

    Select the day(s) on which the scan should run.

    Add the time(s) by clicking Add.

    If necessary, remove or edit a time by selecting it and clicking Remove or Edit, respectively.

  5. Type the user name and password. Make sure that the password is not blank.
    The scheduled scan runs with the access rights of that user.
Note If the scan detects components of a threat in memory, and you have chosen not to automatically clean up viruses/spyware for the scan, the scan stops. This is because further scanning could enable the threat to spread. You must clean up the threat before running the scan again.